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Acclaimed rap artist, songwriter and record label boss Pusha T rose to fame as the other half of the group Clipse, which he formed with his older brother No Malice. After reaching legend status in a lengthy run with Clipse, the rapper signed with Kanye West’s label GOOD Music in 2010 and took his intricate wordplay and imposing presence to albums like 2018’s critically lauded Daytona. His complex depictions of drug hustling and emotional struggles continued on his fourth solo album, 2022’s Kanye West and Pharrell Williams-produced It’s Almost Dry, reaching the top of the US album chart.

Since then, Pusha T has parted ways with Kanye and founded his own record label, Heir Way Music. As an anecdote, Pusha T’s most famous composition will forever be the McDonald’s jingle I’m Lovin’ It.