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Black Tent

Malla Malmivaara, known by her stage name Malla, is recognized not only as an award-winning actress but also as an artist who has recently emerged as a renovator of Finnish-language club music. Her debut album Malla, released in 2021, uniquely blended house, disco, and electropop, catapulting her into the consciousness of indie music fans in Finland. The praised debut climbed high on many year-end best album lists.

Malla’s music is known for its minimalist and alternative approach. Her songs get people dancing in clubs, on festival stages, and even on the radio. Her busy touring schedule and the 2023 release of her second album, Fresko, have deepened her position as a profound and rhythm-enriching visionary in the Finnish electronic and club music scene.

At the 2024 Flow Festival, Malla will introduce a new direction in her career and perform songs with her band from her upcoming third album. Malla describes her Flow performance as more than just a concert; during the visual performance, the stage will feature many guests in addition to Malla herself, with the entire experience mysteriously curated by one of Finland’s most intriguing pioneers of electronic music.