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New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde is one of the most successful mainstream pop stars of recent decades. Lorde’s biggest hit, Royals, has already been streamed over a billion times on Spotify alone. A successful career can, of course, be measured by the number of streams alone, but the greatest artists are ultimately defined by other metrics. Few have managed to bid such a beautiful farewell to mainstream pop as Lorde with her 2021 rousing third album, Solar Power. The album, which dived into the world of dark and gently psychedelic indie pop, acted like a deep catharsis as a turning point in the former teen star’s path on her way to a long and respected career. Lorde has been awarded, among other things, two Grammys and two Brit Awards. Playing only a few gigs in Europe this summer, Lorde makes her awaited debut in Finland on Flow Saturday.