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Knife Girl, aka 23-year-old songwriter and producer Lili Aslo, has risen as one of the brightest promises in Finland’s indie scene. Her music, spanning from bedroom pop to techno and from hyperpop to classic indie rock, has garnered international attention and earned her an Emma nomination as the first transgender artist in Finland.

Releasing music under various names since 2013, Aslo has accumulated over 12 million streams across music platforms. The artist gained wider recognition, especially with the release of the OONA EP (2021) and the Uniform album (2022), elevating her profile as a producer and songwriter.

Knife Girl’s latest album, CUM, released in November 2023, delves deeply into Aslo’s experiences with sexuality and gender identity following hormone replacement therapy, addressing the subject with sincerity and complexity. The album, bursting with hyperpop and techno, moves beyond the indie rock influences of Uniform, showcasing Knife Girl’s musical versatility.