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Kenya Grace, a rising star in the world of electronic pop music, made a groundbreaking splash in September 2023 with her self-produced single Strangers, becoming only the second British female artist, after Kate Bush, to reach the top of the UK charts with a completely self-made track. This soft drum & bass song captured massive attention, especially on TikTok, where clips garnered tens of millions of views, catapulting it into a dance music phenomenon.

Born in South Africa and raised in Southampton, England, Kenya Grace honed her craft at the Guildford Academy of Contemporary Music, graduating as a songwriter and creative artist. Her initial singles, Obsessed and Tell Me Why, released in 2019, showcased her ability to blend personal lyrics with the catchy melodies of electronic pop music. Her voice has been described as a combination of PinkPantheress, Charli XCX, and Piri, showcasing her unique ability to capture the essence of contemporary dating culture in her tracks, such as Strangers.

On Flow Festival’s stage, audiences will have the opportunity to experience this comet-like star, who has skyrocketed to hundreds of millions of streams.