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Ege Zulu, the shining star of Finnish Afrotrap, was awarded YleX Radio’s Breakthrough Artist in 2022 and has seen success with his gold-streaming debut album Swengari. Hailing from Roihuvuori, a district in East Helsinki, he skillfully blends rap and Afropop, creating a unique and catchy sound. His second album, Oi maamme Helsinki (2022), cemented his status in the Finnish music scene, and his momentum has only been building since.

Ege is known for his captivatingly energetic live performances, and at Flow, he will perform with an unprecedented lineup Ege Zulu & Orchestre. The show, arranged for a large live ensemble, elevates Ege Zulu’s performance to a whole new level.

Collaborations with top domestic artists, such as Gettomasa and JVG, have only increased Ege’s popularity. The singles from his upcoming third album, Mammanpoika (2024), 100 kg kukkia and Oikee mies, have already streamed millions. Big hits, like Tunnista tuntiin with Behm, continue to grow Ege Zulu’s music fans’ anticipation for what this star of Afrotrap and R&B will do next.