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Antti Autio has recently risen to the forefront of a new generation of Finnish singer-songwriters, with his songs amassing over 15 million plays on Spotify. Known for his vigorous touring, Autio has performed across Finland, often to sold-out audiences.

At Flow Festival, Antti Autio and his band will perform his fourth album, Täällä sinua kaivataan (“I Miss You Here”), set for release in 2024, in its entirety. This album is a unique collaborative effort with painter Raana Lehtinen, who created the oil painting Sarastus (“Dawn”) for the album’s cover. This vibrant artwork, depicting human figures awaiting dawn, has inspired the entire album. The music blends soothing rock ballads, forward-moving guitar riffs, grand orchestral arrangements, and even the more brutal guitar rock sounds of the early 2000s. The songs address life’s big themes like love, loss, childhood, and death, presenting cinematic moments and profound narratives.