Art at Flow Festival will be more ambitious than ever!

The Flow Festival area is full of current and thought-provoking art also this year. In addition to the earlier announced cooperation with Gallery Forum Box and Laura Väinölä’s Altar of Attraction, Aalto University, Make Your Mark gallery and movie theatre and bar Riviera will bring films, light and video installations, graffiti pieces and architecture to the festival area.

Pieces made by students from Aalto University, Flow’s partner, will be on display at the festival. These include murals, films, videos, animations, design, art education workshops and architecture. Students of Visual Communication Design will paint a 100-meter long mural on the festival area. Spatial Design students have prepared a green lounge-area, featuring a light installation changing with the passing of the day. Experimental and bold animations made by the students will be showcased on the Main Stage and Lapin Kulta Red Arena screens between sets. In addition, festival guests can visit the impressive three-story Kokoon house designed by architecture students. On Family Sunday, Art Education students will provide an art workshop for children.

Make Your Mark is an art gallery permanently located in the Suvilahti area. The monthly changing exhibitions present street art, photography and painting. The gallery is bringing to Flow two internationally renowned artists’ pieces. Finland’s best known graffiti artist, EGS, will spray paint the festival area’s gasometer with a huge world map, illuminated in fluorescent light. The piece has been inspired by Kraftwerk’s song Computer World. HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName) is Denmark’s most acclaimed artist with a background in street art. The artist’s pieces satirically comment on both politics and everyday life alike. HuskMitNavn’s works are featured in Denmark’s National Gallery and the famous AroS museum’s collection. The artist’s exhibition The Print Show is visible at the Make Your Mark Gallery. In addition, the artist will paint a mural in the Flow Festival grounds.

Flow Festival’s Riviera Cinema Bar is showing films for the second time. In the Riviera Cinema Bar, you can take a breather amidst the festival buzz, sink into the cozy beach chairs and hammocks, and enjoy refreshments, classic sweets and popcorn. A terrace serves outside. On Friday, the Teenage Kicks series, featuring teenage nostalgia from different eras, will be presented. Saturday gives a glimpse into Riviera Arts, showcasing the best from the autumn’s art selection. Sunday afternoon is a foretaste of the upcoming children’s movies in the Riviera Kids programme. The Festival ends with the last show of Riviera’s summer series, Kallio Noir. The Riviera Cinema Bar will also screen short movies by students from the Aalto University Department of Film, Television and Scenography.

Read more about the art program here.